4 tips for your startup’s marketing strategy

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Creating a robust marketing plan is crucial for any type of startup. Once you have a product or service you believe in and know is worth paying for, it’s time to tell your target market about it. A successful marketing plan will build your brand’s awareness while also generating leads. Energy PEAK care about the sustained success of your business and while we are energy experts, Royal Flush Marketing are the marketing experts. That’s why we have teamed up with them in this post to bring you 4 tips to help get you started.

1. Fail to plan, plan to fail

Too many businesses jump into the marketing delivery without having some kind of strategy in place, you wouldn’t build a house without having the architect’s plans drawn up and this should be your thinking when applying it to your marketing. Think about your objectives (what you want to achieve and how long it’s going to take) your challenges (who’s doing this already and what are the potential pitfalls) your customers (what do they look like? Where do they get their information from and how can your brand align to them?).

2. Research your competitors

Competitor audits can give you a really good idea of how they’re speaking to their clients and the type of content that they use to engage with them. This can be across their website, social channels, events they attend or their online shop. For example, when looking at their social content, how many times do they post per day or per week? How many likes or shares do they get? What type of content gets the most interaction? Is it video, infographics, or plain text? How many social channels do they use and are they simply repeating the same content across all of them and which platform performs best? Once you know this information then you’ll have a clearer idea of what resonates with your target audience and you won’t spend hours and hours trying to create content that isn’t going to engage your audience.

3. Budget

If you’re thinking about employing a marketing consultant, agency, freelancer, or even a friend to carry out your marketing, then set a clear budget. This isn’t a game of poker, be realistic of what you can afford and stick to it, this way you’ll be advised of what you can realistically achieve within the parameters. Once you’ve started to see a return on your investment and you know that your marketing is working then it’s worth having the discussion to increase your budget to get even greater results.

4. Be the easiest to progress with

Whether you’re selling online, offline, a product or service, make sure that you’re the easiest choice. People aren’t stupid, we’re just lazy. There’s a reason comparison sites exist, if you’re looking to get car insurance, you don’t want to fill in your details a bunch of times to find the cheapest deals, you fill them in once and the comparison site finds you loads of deals that are suited to your needs, you simply pick the best one and away you go. If your brand is the easiest to progress with then people will buy from you over your competition.

If you would like to learn more about how Royal Flush Marketing can kick-start your startup’s marketing, be sure to check out their website here. Ben and Andy are a superb team and always more than happy to have a chat about your business!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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