Customer stories: Scan the market for value

Mobile phone with image of energy market data and laptop with image of energy market data. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.

NOW Financial Planning delighted with 20% savings

Energy PEAK were asked by NOW Financial Planning to complete a business energy audit regarding their energy contracts. The Energy PEAK team scanned the market, found them a competitive offer which suited their needs, and presented it in a clear concise way.

What we did

We examined the energy consumption data of the office and made some COVID-specific assumptions regarding office occupancy over the next 12-to-24-months. This is an important step to ensure accurate pricing. We then examined the current gas and electricity bills of the meters in the office and compared them to the energy prices we could provide. With this information we collated our quote which detailed the potential savings, our fee, and a breakdown per meter.

The result

20% saving versus their existing unit rates.

Not always the case

The common thought process might be that by going directly to the small business energy supplier you get the most competitive offer. This is not always the case.

Energy PEAK advise businesses to continuous scan the market and assess what is right for your business. We keep an eye on energy market movements, keep in contact with you throughout the year (not just at renewal time) and are on hand to answer any energy questions you may have. This is the true value of an energy broker for your business.


NOW Financial Planning were happy with the savings the Energy PEAK team offered. Although, it was not solely price driven. They loved how the team were upfront and honest about their fee and included it in the quote. This allowed them to make an informed decision regarding the value Energy PEAK brings to their business. This is the true value of having an energy broker managing your business gas and electricity needs.

Huge thanks to the team at NOW Financial Planning for their time and effort to put this case study together.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash